Anti corruption Training for Ministry Employees

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals hosted a training course yesterday organized by the Integrity Commission in cooperation with General Inspectors  Office under the title "Financial and administrational corruption and protection of the general fund", Senior staff from the Integrity Commission and central office staff attended in the location of the ministry.

In a communiqué, presented by the Media Office of the Ministry, received by Eye Media, the General Inspector of the Ministry, Salim Boles, highlighted the articles of the UN Treaty for Fighting Corruption and Iraq’s participation. The Treaty was a joint effort by a group of states, which was approved . It stressed the important need to create international cooperation concerning integrity of behaviour and procedures, in the exchange of criminals and retrieval of funds These states have worked to form international law to cover these matters which is the thing that Iraq withdrew from and from which it will benefit.

Boles also stated that Iraq efforts in forming a national strategy to fight corruption which was declared officially and internationally on Wednesday 24/03/2020, represented an example of similar policies of fighting corruption that was submitted by other countries who had signed the agreement under the supervision of UN experts….

The communiqué also states that the General Inspector of the Ministry demonstrated many other things which concern the work of normal inspectors and the Integrity Commission in respect of all departments of the country.

The course finished with discussion and dialogue between the General Inspector of the Ministry and the Commission ‘s senior staff on integrity, the work of the commission and the General Inspector’s offices. Many suggestions and opinions were discussed in respect of the working of  supervision systems and awareness of cultural aspects.

( Eye media company )

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