Iraqi government calls on Kuwait to resolve the debts

The Iraqi government has called on Kuwait to end the debts discussion ongoing since the invasion of the former regime in August 1990.

"The Iraqi government renewed its call to Kuwait to discuss this file and end it completely," the spokesman of the Iraqi government Ali al-Dabbagh told The Independent National News Agency of Kurdistan (AK news)

"The committee charged by the Iraqi government did not succeed so far in resolving the debt file and ended the discussion about this issue with Kuwait that we have extensive relationships with," he said.

Al-Dabbagh called the members of Kuwait's parliament and the government not to rely on media escalation media and to follow the dialogue means.

The Kuwaiti debts reached to 52 billion (b) US dollars, Iraq paid 21 billion (b) dollars over the past years.

The members of the Kuwaiti government indicated on January that Kuwait is intending to cancel the remaining debts owed by Iraq, but the members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly objected and called n the government to postpone this file.

The President of the former regime Saddam Hussein issued his orders on 2 August 1990 for the Iraqi army to invade Kuwait, and after the invasion the Iraqi forces stayed in Kuwait for six months, and the former regime refused the mediation of official delegations around the world to withdraw from Kuwait, thus leading to the formation of an international coalition of a number of Arab countries to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi control.

The estimated compensation resulting from the invasion are about 177.6 billion (b) U.S. dollars in 1990 and the United Nations stated on  37.2 billion (b) dollars and Kuwait got 9.3 billion (b) of it, and the depts. of Kuwait on Iraq are estimated by 13.2 billion (b) U.S. dollars without the financial benefits.

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