1st International Commercial Conference Opens in Karbala Karbala, 13 April 2010 ( Aswat Al Iraq )

The first international commercial conference was opened on Monday by the Karbala Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of the Indian ambassador to Baghdad and the Karbala governor.

“Our embassy will do its best to improve investment operations in Iraq and Karbala” said the Indian ambassador.

“This investment conference is one of a series to approach the people of all nations and it is so important to us. This conference has taken place in Karbala, a mecca for free men and Muslims,” the Indian ambassador, Ahmed Bader, added.

Meanwhile, Karbala’s governor Amal al-Deen said, “Karbala will open its doors to those who want to invest and improve it as an international city.”

The governor added that Karbala and its council would welcome all investors from around the world, particularly those from Muslim countries.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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