Zain Changes Management in Iraq

The Zain Group announced today that the management of its Iraq operation, Zain Iraq, will henceforth fall under the direct supervision of the Group's Chief Executive, Nabeel Bin Salamah. The former Zain Iraq CEO, Ali Al-Dahwi, has been appointed special advisor on Iraq for the Zain Group.

The Zain Group explained that the move was made on the basis of the company's long term development in Iraq and will not necessarily mean a change in the strategic direction set out by Al-Dahwi, whose energy and hard work have established Zain as a highly visible brand in the Iraqi market with a customer base of 11 million, the highest among the Group's Middle East operations.

Barrak Al Sabeeh will represent Bin Salamah in an on-the-ground capacity, while Wael Ghanayem, the newly-appointed Zain Iraq CFO will take on the additional role of acting CEO until such time that a new CEO is officially appointed.

With these changes, the Zain Group is confident that they will not only provide the Iraqi people with mobile telecom services of the highest quality and value, as well as the latest products, but also serve as an example of how foreign direct investment has contributed to the development of the new Iraq.

( Arab times )

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