Asiacell Launches New Per Second Billing

Asiacell announced the launch of its new service on the 11th of April 2010, which utilises the per-second billing system as an optional alternative to the per-minute billing system.

The new system charges subscribers per second starting from the first second at a competitive rate. They claim that this offer sets Asiacell apart from other telecom companies within the Iraqi telecom market in that it does not impose any additional charge on the first second of a call and allows subscribers to choose between subscribing to per-minute billing or the new per-second billing.

Prepaid subscribers to Asiacell benefit from this competitive service by simply dialing 200 and following the voice instructions.

Asiacell's per-second billing builds on a previous launched last year that calculated call fees on a 10 second basis. The launch of this new Per Second rate confirms Asiacell's policy of providing services that cater to the demands and needs of Iraqi citizens and are on a par with the latest developments in the international telecommunications markets.

( AME Info FZ LLC )

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