Creek Lining West Karbala at a Cost of One Billion and 600 Million Dinars

The Governor of Karbala, Amal Al Din Al Her, on Sunday, opened a creek lining project west of the city to reduce waste of water at a cost of one billion, 600 million dinars.

The Al Rashdia river lining project which lies in Al Hurr district , (5 km west Karbala) was opened  after about ten months work.

The project was carried out by a local company and contributes to reducing waste in water and  maintainance The increased flow will be used for the irrigation of agricultural land of about 114 thousand acres.

He pointed out that the project, which cost about one billion and 600 million dinars, will also contribute to the  reclamation of about seven thousand acres of wasteland created in the past as a result of water scarcity.

( Iraq Directory )

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