Headlines from the Basra Arabic Press

Top Headlines;

  • Close resources to Al-Iraqia told; it is possible to nominate Allawy for the PM position, and Al-Maliky for the President of the Country- Al-Mashriq (Thursday,22 Apr2010)
  • The Determination of the SOL block, on the nomination of Al-Maliky for the PM position, has obtruded the combine of the two coalitions- Al-Mashriq (Thursday, 22 Apr2010)
  • The SOL; the Sadirist Movement is an obstacle against our plan to combine with the IN coalition- Al-Mashriq (Thursday, 22 Apr2010)

Elections& Politics;

  •  The re-account of the votes, might take two weeks- Al-Mashriq (Thursday,22Apr2010)
  • SOL; Alawy and Al-Maliky, would deal with the coalitions that would form the government- Al-sabah (23,Apr2010)
  • The INC has finished writing the detailed governmental program, and the Kurdistanic Coalition needs to discuss the outstanding files between Baghdad and Irbil- Al-sabah (23,Apr2010)
  • An awaited meeting, would be between Alawy and Al-maliky, to close points of view- Al-sabah (23,Apr2010)

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