Asiacell Launches Its 'Bawe3 Zaen' Campaign

29 April 2010 - AME Info

Showcasing its unique and competitive standing in the Iraqi telecom market, Asiacell - the largest private Iraqi company and the first and only mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq - announced the launch of its new 'Bawe3 Zaen' campaign, which highlights the distinctive privileges that Asiacell offers its subscribers through its services, and underlines the price differences of Asiacell's services, which are charged in Iraqi dinar and on per-second basis.

Through the 'Bawe3 Zaen' campaign, which will continue to run until the 25th of May 2010, Asiacell encourages all Iraqis to carefully compare between Asiacell's services and those that are being provided by other companies in the Iraqi telecom market in order to acquaint themselves with the benefits that Asiacell provides. The Iraqi public will be able to view the campaign's advertisements in the visual, audio and printed media. The campaign further serves to promote healthy competition and greater productivity within the sector in order to bolster the telecom sector's growth.

The launch of this campaign followed Asiacell's announcement of its adoption of the per-second billing system in place of the per-minute billing system starting from the 10th of April 2010. The new per-second billing offer charges subscribers per second from the first second at a competitive billing rate of IQD 1/second. This offer sets Asiacell apart from other telecom companies in that it does not impose any additional fees on the first second of a call and allows subscribers to choose between subscribing to the per-minute billing offer and switching to the new per-second billing offer.

This campaign builds upon Asiacell's overall success in the Iraqi market, particularly its decision in March 2010 to change the currency used in all its transactions from US dollar to Iraqi dinar, which is also applicable to and Asiacell's prepaid recharge cards. This step reflects Asiacell's sincere dedication to effectively contributing to the development of the Iraqi economy.

Asiacell is currently providing a number of privileges to its subscribers, such as keeping its subscribers' prepaid recharge cards' validity period unchanged when switching to Iraqi dinar. Asiacell is also the only company that does not charge its subscribers for checking their balance through dialing the designated number for this service, and enables subscribers to transfer credit at a minimal cost of only IQD 120. In addition, Asiacell offers prepaid lines at IQD 6,000 with IQD 3,500 as free credit.

Commenting on this step, Mr. Faruk Mustafa Rasool, Asiacell's Chairman, said: "One defining feature that distinguishes us at Asiacell is our dedication to providing our subscribers with the latest telecom services and best offers possible. Not only do we aim to offer our subscribers comprehensive telecom services, we also strive to dedicate all our expertise to gaining an intimate and intuitive understanding of the Iraqi people's needs and meeting them in accordance with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It is also our aim to positively contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy despite the challenges that we face on the economic and security fronts. We believe in our ability, both as a company and as employees, to achieve our goal of helping build the new Iraq."


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