ISX Down for Second Consecutive Day to Close at 94.3 Points

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) went down for the second consecutive day by 0.3% to close at 94.3 points, while trading activities hit 853.235 million Iraqi dinars.

Today’s session saw trading over shares of 28 out of 84 electronically-registered firms, 11 of them went down, 8 up while 9 others retained their previous rates, with the ISX index registering a slight increase of 0.3% to close at 94.3 points.

Traded shares hit 746.833 million worth 853.235 million dinars through 164 deals, with non-Iraqi investors grabbing only one deal worth 211,000 dinars over the hotel sector.

The banking sector took the lead with 85% of the overall trading through 77 deals worth 731 million dinars over 6 firms, followed by the hotel sector with 31 deals worth 66 million dinars over seven firms and the industrial sector with 35 deals worth 34 million dinars over 10 firms.

The ISX witnessed its first E-trading session on April 19, 2009 over five registered companies, three banks and two hotels. The banks were: Ashur International Bank (AIB), Al-Mansour Bank and the Iraqi Credit Bank while the hotels were: Ashtar Hotel and Al-Mansour Hotel.

On June 7, the Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank and the Warka Bank joined the electronic trading sessions.

The ISX now holds five sessions from Sunday to Thursday

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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