Chinese Play for Closer Ties with Arabia

The Chinese deputy Foreign Minister, Zhaijob, told an Arab foreign ministers meeting in China that his country is now the third economic power in the world but it needs time to face the big challenges of restoration despite the fact that his country could double its domestic product.


Zhaijob said that China placed high hopes on the Chinese-Arab forum to face the challenges of the International financial and energy crisis and other problems. In reply to a question about the importance of the ministerial Chinese-Arab forum  Zhaijob said that this forum has special importance because it works on the formation of a strategic partnership and cooperation between China and the Arab world in order to start real joint development. He added that the fourth session of the forum which began in 2004 will boost Chinese-UAE relations and Chinese-Arab relations in the fields of energy and economy.

Shanghai Expo success

Zhaijob said China is the biggest developing country in the world with a population of 1,3 billion but it has special national conditions and some times it suffers from an imbalance of development. However the success of the Shangahi Expo in 2010 left a strong impression on the world that China has passed the global financial and economic crisis and is preparing to continue growth next year. He pointed out that this Expo represented a good opportunity for China to introduce itself to the Arab world and the rest of the world saying  ‘we are happy to share this big global event with UAE and the rest of the developing countries’.  His country put high hopes on the Chinese-Arab forum to face the challenges of global financial and energy crisis and the lack of food and climate change which both China and the Arab world endure.

Ten Mechanisms

They had  agreed to put ten mechanisms to work for cooperation between the two sides in the fields of media and culture, economic and political. He he pointed out that his country has diplomatic ties with all Arab countries and these ties are based on the historical relations which began hundreds of years ago in the era of the Silk Route .

In reply to question about the reasons for high growth in China, Zhaijob said that his country is a developing country and not in a perfect situation and that is why there are many fields that need reform and improvement. He emphasized the necessity for Chinese-Arab communication and said each side should get acquainted on each other’s affairs through our own media and not through western media which dominates all of us.

Economic co-operation

Regarding economic cooperation between the two sides Zhaijob said that the volume of commercial exchange between China and Arab countries reached 100 billion US dollars last year while China imported 90 million tons of oil from Arab states in the year of 2009 and he said that Arab countries are strong political and economic partners especially in the energy field and he refuted the presence of any political obstacles to stop the development of the ties between the two sides. He said that ‘there could be some difficulties but within our quest to boost cooperation we will overcome these difficulties’.

Much to do on human rights

Concerning human rights in China Zhaijob said ‘we give this matter big importance and as the biggest developing country China is interested in providing food and dignity for all Chinese peoples’. Zhaijob added that China is not paradise and also that America is not paradise because paradise is in heaven not here on earth. ‘We admit that there are tens of millions of Chinese people in the  middle and west of China without electricity and we admit that we have big development problems but we are working on improving the lives of our people. China is now the third economic power in the world but if we distribute our national income to 1,3 billion people then we would still be behind other advanced states’.

UN security council

In reply to a question about Chinese efforts to amend the international system Zhaijob said that the global financial crisis revealed the necessity to amend the international system and he emphasized his country’s quest to amend the (UN) security council because of the lack of representation of developing countries. The amending process will not take longer than one hour if the intentions were honest. And he said that the international system failed to manage the financial crisis because it is not a fair system.  He emphasised that there will be no financial or political reform without the participation of developing countries.

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