Trade Ministry Activates Role of Commercial Attache`s

The General Manager of Economic Relations in the Ministry of Trade, Hashim Mohammed Hatim, has emphasized the economic role which Commercial Attachés abroad are playing.

In a statement issued by the Ministry received by Aswat Aliraq Hatim he said that, ” We have started a broad programme throughout our departments and together with the cooperation of the Commercial Attache`s to follow up all the economic developments which the world is witnessing.”

Hatim added” This program seeks the implementation of signed bilateral economic agreements and to sign new ones as well as improve the Iraqi economy which was severely affected by past political policies.”

He noted that, ” We are making great efforts and coordinating with all Iraqi ministries in the preparation of files and in developing economic relations, as well as activating bilateral agreements, in addition to reconsidering Iraq’s previous agreements following developments in the international arena and the situation in the country in particular.”

Hatim pointed out that Iraqi Attaches have started to play an influential role in studying the reality of economy in their locations and reporting these insights to Iraq’s economic deparments so as to benefit from them.”

He concluded by saying that, ” The role which the Ministry is playing to activate economic relations with the world will lay solid foundations which will serve the Iraqi economy in particular, and help Arab and International Investments in the country according to the Law of Investment approved by Parliament.”

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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