4 Projects in Amara at ID4b

Four projects for sidewalks in the city of Amara were finalized at more than 4 billion Iraqi dinars (ID) as part of the Provincial Development Budget (PDB) appropriations, according to the Amara municipality chief on Tuesday.

“A consortium of local firms finalized the project of Abu Rimmana sidewalks at 1.481 billion dinars and the al-Oufiya sidewalks at 1.472 billion dinars,” said Abdulrazeq Abad Meheisen in statements to Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

“Two other local firms finalized the al-Wihda al-Islamiya neighborhood sidewalks at 2.291 billion and al-Mualimeen sidewalks at 110 million dinars,” he added.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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