ISX Index Up 0.4%, Closes at 93 Points

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) index went up by 0.4% to close at 93 points as prices of 11 out of a total 29 firms traded in today’s session saw better times.

Tuesday’s session saw more than 395.378 million shares exchanging hands at more than 563.872 million Iraqi dinars (roughly $482,000) through 249 deals, with non-Iraqi investors obtaining 37 purchase deals worth 46.7 million dinars over the banking and industrial sectors and three sale deals worth 5.5 million dinars over the industrial sector.

Twenty-nine out of a total 85 electronically-registered companies traded stocks today (June 1) with 11 going up, eight down and 10 retaining their previous rates.

The banking sector took the lead with 56% of the overall trading through 98 deals worth more than 316 million dinars over 10 firms, followed by the industrial sector with 29% through 101 deals worth 163 million dinars over nine firms, the hotel sector with 6% through five deals worth 35.9 million dinars over three firms and a poor trading over the service, agricultural and investment sectors.

( Aswat Al Iraq )

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