Kurdistan Economic Conference in London on Tuesday


Prime Minister Barham Salih will arrive in the UK soon to speak at a major international conference on trade and investment in the Kurdistan Region.

Prime Minister Salih will give the keynote speech at the Kurdistan Trade and Investment Conference in London, which takes place on June 15th and 16th. He said, “We welcome international companies to come and do business in Kurdistan. Private sector investment has been helping the economy of the Kurdistan Region, making it a hub for economic and construction activity and a gateway to the rest of Iraq. The Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to improving our business environment and making it more conducive to investment by the day.”

The conference gives unparalleled access to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministers and officials, and brings together foreign and senior Kurdish business participants. Keynote speakers include the Kurdistan Region’s Head of the Investment Board, Head of Foreign Relations and the ministers for Natural Resources, the Interior, Trade and Industry, Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Agriculture and Water Resources.

Those who will attend include British and international companies, major firms and chambers of commerce from the Kurdistan Region, foreign government representatives, economists, analysts and the business media.

The conference is chaired by Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the KRG’s UK Representative. She said, “Kurdistan is already home to many international brands, from Coca Cola and Pepsi to Lafarge and Mercedes Benz. These companies and many others are already doing business successfully in Kurdistan. The London conference will give the opportunity to British and international business people to find out why and how they too can make the most of Kurdistan's potential as the gateway to Iraq.”

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