Iran MP Warns on Slow Development of Joint Oil Fields

Majlis Energy Committee Chairman Hamid-Reza Katouzian has warned about the sluggish pace of the development of Iran’s joint oil fields with Iraq and other Persian Gulf states.

Katouzian blamed inadequate investment, wrong policies, and improper decisions in Iran’s oil sector for the slow progress in the oil sector.

“Unfortunately, sometimes decisions that are made without taking the national interests into consideration lead to permanent and daily harm to the country,” he lamented.

“If we compare the rate of development of Iran’s joint oil fields with other Persian Gulf regional states, we see that from 1977 onwards, very little progress has been made in Iran’s part of the joint oil fields,” Katouzian told the Mehr News Agency on Friday.

“Should this sluggish pace continue in the future, it will cause the country serious problems in the area of exploitation and development of oil fields,” he added.

“Now that Iraq is pressing ahead rapidly to develop its own geographical scope of the joint oil fields with Iran, not only will it have a negative impact on Iran’s energy market in the future, undermining the position of the country in the world energy market, but it will also reduce Iran’s influence in international diplomacy,” the MP explained

( Tehran Times )

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