Iran's TCI Offers to Help Iraq Telecom Sector

The managing director of the Telecommunication Company of Iran in Kurdestan province, Mohammad Saeed Ahmadi, told Fars News Agency that his company was ready to help upgrade the telecommunication infrastructure and fiber-optic systems in Iraq's northern regions.

"In addition to fiber-optic projects, we have the ability to undertake all kinds of telecom activities in the region," he said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of an exhibition of Iranian companies' capabilities in the northern Iraqi city of Sulamaniya.

Ahmadi said Iranian companies have the technical know-how to carry out complex telecom projects overseas. "We will start our work whenever authorities of Iraq's northern region voice their readiness."

Referring to TCI successes inside the country in recent years, he said "We have announced our ability and willingness" to help share the experience with the Iraqis and rebuild their telecom infrastructure.

More than 185 companies from 21 Iranian provinces participated in the exhibition displaying Iran's capabilities in the Iraqi Kurdish city.

As we reported last week, Iran said it is ready to export electricity to Iraq.

"We have the possibility of supplying 500 to 1,000 megawatt of electricity to the Bashmakh market in Iraq," head of the Power Distribution Company of Iran's Kurdestan province Mohammad Mostafa Najafian said.

(Source: Iran Daily)

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