Safety Standards in Iraqi Oil Refineries

"The Iraqi Oil ministry is applying environmental safety standards in all refineries and it will stop using all substances that are harmful to health and the environment by finding alternatives," the spokesman of the Iraqi oil ministry said on Tuesday.

"The Oil Ministry is implementing all requirements for environmental safety in Iraqi refineries, and the application of the conditions is subject to the supervision of the competent committees from the Environment ministry," Assim Jihad said.

"The Ministry requires all oil refineries not to dispose of waste in rivers unless they were treated in a scientific way and changed to non-harmful substances for health and environment," he outlined, adding that the Ministry has imported modern machines for this purpose.

The main conditions that were set in the first and second oil licensing rounds are that the companies should abide by the environmental safety requirements.

The Federal Oil Ministry announcement follows a report in the “Guardian” newspaper in Britain that the Ministry was importing toxic and harmful fuel and mixing it with gasoline.

The ministry denied the report, assuring that "the newspaper talked about importing tetraethyl during the period from 2001 until 2003.

(Source: AK News)

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