Chinese Company to Open Trade Fair in Basra

A local government spokesperson from Basra has announced that the Chinese company "Tarim" is making the final preparations for a trade fair due to open in the Basra province (550km south of Baghdad).

"The governor of Basra, Shiltagh Abboud, hosted a delegation from Tarim which is preparing to open a trade fair in the province, similar to the one held in Sulaimaniyah province, Kurdistan. The fair is scheduled to be opened on July 27, and the two parties will hold a news conference in the evening so that the media can see the economic development of the province," Iyad Houssein, manager  Basra province's Department of Information, said on Wednesday.

"The cost of the project has exceeded $1 million [1.2 billion Iraqi dinars], and preparations for it began more than six months ago. The exhibition will include food products alongside industrial commodities, machinery and equipment, all on sale at very low prices... the exhibition will initially be open for three months, and pending its success, will continue to operate for a longer period that is not yet specified." Hussein added.

Basra has hosted three other international exhibitions of late, mainly for Turkish companies, but including some European and Iraqi groups. This is the first time that a Chinese company has opened such an exhibition in the region.

(Source: AK News)

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