Russian 'Neftegaz Export' Discusses Oil Opportunities in Basra

An official spokesman of Basra province said Sunday that a delegation from Russian energy company Neftegaz Export has arrived to the city to discuss investment projects with the governor.

Sheltagh Abboud received on Sunday the Deputy Director of Neftegaz Export, Vladimir Fumujev, and a delegation accompanying him, who were seeking a foothold in Iraq for the "friendly Russia", referring to the likelihood of Neftegaz Export obtaining contracts in local oil fields.

"The Russian company has expertise in a range of disciplines important to Iraq, especially in the areas of generating and distributing electricity, refining drinking water, and sewage water treatment, in addition to the implementation of oil projects in the fields of northern Rumaila, West Qurna and Al-lahis", spokesman Salem al-Taqi said.

Fumujev expressed the desire to invest in a number of projects in Basra, al-Taqi added.

Neftegaz maintains offices in many cities in the world with the main headquarters in the French capital Paris. It is ready to open an office in Basra in the coming days as well, according to the spokesman.

Basra, due to its strategic location, has been attracting foreign companies recently especially companies investing in the sectors of electricity, tourism, housing.

(Source: AK News)

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