North Oil Company Requests Kurdish Villagers to Move Out

On the pretext of drilling for oil, the North Oil Company (NOC) requires some Kurdish villagers around Kirkuk's Dubiz township to vacate their homes, and the First Deputy of the township suspects  political intent behind the request, according to a report from AK News.

The NOC has submitted a letter to Dubiz police to vacate some villages around the township as the company has discovered oil in the area, said a source from the oil company on Thursday.

On his part, Hadi Hama-Mustafa, Dubiz First Deputy, told AKnews that Hameed Saeedi, the Director of NOC sent the township's police a letter, requesting them to vacate only the Kurdish villages around Dubiz.

As the first deputy stated, the residents of these villages had been displaced after their homes were burnt down by the old Ba'athist regime.

"Now that these people have resettled in their homes, the oil company wants to repeat the same scenario and level their villages", he declared.

Hama-Mustafa is suspicious of the request, saying  "what is strange for me is that the request does not ask for evacuation of any Arab populated villages", adding  that  the company even identifies the Kurdish Parliament Speaker, Kamal Kirkuki, as an "offender" because he is originally from one of the villages to be vacated.

The First Deputy said that they informed the Kirkuk Provincial Council about the company's request and demanded  the company to withdraw the request within 48 hours because its claim about finding oil in the area is baseless.

Dubiz, 40 km north west Kirkuk is populated with Kurds, Arabs and Turcomans.

(Source: AK News)

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