'Flurry of Construction' in Baghdad - 395,000 New Houses

The Baghdad Municipality is to build three major housing projects in the capital’s outskirts for low-income families.

Azzaman report that the projects, work on which is to start soon, will include 395,000 housing units and will be sold to low-income families at reduced prices, according to Hakeem Abedzahra, the municipality’s spokesman.

The first project of 65,000 housing units will cover the once sprawling al-Rashid military camp. A U.A.E. firm has won the contract for its construction, Abedzahra said.

He said Baghdad will soon become the scene of what he described as “a flurry of construction” that will employ tens of thousands of people.

The housing project at al-Rashid camp will include a medical city as well as sports facilities, he said.

The second project will be built close to the low-income township of Sadr City and will involve 75,000 housing units.

“More than 50 foreign firms offered bids to execute this project and we have now settled on eight of them,” Abedzahra said without elaborating.

He said work on Sadr City project was also to start soon.

The third project will be close to Ghazaliya neighborhood with 35,000 housing units, Abedzahra added.

The remainder, 220,000 housing units, will be built in outlying areas of the capital Baghdad, he said.

“This is a massive housing investment through which Baghdad will witness a major flurry of construction. Besides houses and flats there will hospitals, amenities, annexes and sports cities,” Abedzahra said.

(Source: Azzaman)

3 Responses to 'Flurry of Construction' in Baghdad - 395,000 New Houses

  1. bobstick 8th September 2010 at 12:46 #

    Where are they getting the money if not from an R-V ??

  2. jewel ford 8th September 2010 at 19:24 #

    with all thebuilding, what will happen to the dinar in the middle of all of this,

  3. Dr DuBB 6th October 2010 at 01:20 #

    I'm very glad to hear such a projects are happening in Baghdad and soon! inshallah this will impove the low income family status!