Anbar to Upgrade its Border Crossings

Anbar Council has launched a project to upgrade its three border crossings, with the intention of raising additional revenue, the head of the council’s investment committee said on Tuesday.

The three border crossings are:

  • Arar (on border with Saudi Arabia);
  • Tarbiel [Tirbil] (on border with Jordan); and
  • al-Tanf (on border with Syria).

The project will involve the building of several garages for lorries and at least one hotel.

“The revenues [from increased traffic through these border posts] will be used to finance projects throughout Anbar,” said Mezher Hassan, head of the council’s investment committee.

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One Response to Anbar to Upgrade its Border Crossings

  1. Ibrahim Saleh 15th September 2010 at 10:53 #

    In that case you have to give out a call for all those people outside Iraq who are or have been Iraqi residents.Before you lock up the Syr-Saud bordersmake sure all people who in your responsibilties must be back even if you don't have any housing programme installed in Anbar.
    You collect refugee Arabs in Anbar I build life support programmes for those desert dwellers make me maximum opportunity for Establishing new city in middle of nothing,Sallahaddin never wanted a badluck face anyone regardless to ethnicity,religion or life standard you can still control the oils not be sucked out by the Ruthless People.Americans...