300 International Firms to Build 2 Million Houses

A source in the Iraqi Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing said on Wednesday that the country’s “housing crisis” will be resolved by 2020 according to a plan devised by the government.

Istabraq al-Shok [Istabraq Al-Shouk], the Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing, told AKnews the government will build “two million housing units of international quality.”

“Based on a national plan to resolve the crisis and change urban planning principles in Iraq, we are now in the process of building houses throughout the country.”

Iraq’s outgoing government has talked to 300 international companies to build two million housing units.

“The housing crisis is very complicated and needs a lot of effort from government and the private sector in order to resolve it as soon as possible,” the Deputy Minister said.

The Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing has started 27 housing projects in various parts of the country, with each project consisting of 504 housing units.

(Source: AKnews)

One Response to 300 International Firms to Build 2 Million Houses

  1. Alan Asadi 16th September 2010 at 05:30 #

    Good day to all team,

    Since we are working in the field of man power in Iraq we don't think these large housing projects will become reality in the near future, because Iraqi nationals are not capable or interested in working as labourers, and Iraqi law does not permit other nationalities (such as Indians) to work in Iraq.

    The other issue is those big numbers are going to be built without any quality control from the government. According to my experience in real estate in our company those rubbish quality of construction will not be consider.

    All the companies who got the projects at $50,000 per unit will sell them to subcontractors at $30,000 and gain $20,000 for each one. For a 1000-unit project that means $20,000,000 profit, then who cares about the quality?