Romgaz to Explore in Kurdistan?

Romanian natural gas producer Romgaz is interested in petroleum resources in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, in northern Iraq.

But according to the report from Financiarul, the Romanian news agency, any investment will depend to a great extent on the “very delicate” political situation in this region, deputy general manager Francisc Toth (pictured) said in a press conference.

“Romgaz is interested in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. … Romgaz visited the area and received several data packages .... we know it is a very delicate zone from the standpoint of political relations, which also influence trade relations. Time is needed”, said Toth.

He also said that Romgaz management already held discussions with the Minister of Mineral Resources of Iraqi Kurdistan, but the “process is slow and difficult” until an oil field concession could be concluded.

(Source: Financiarul, Romgaz)

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