UK Firm to Lead $10bn Rebuilding of Sadr City

Azzaman news agency reports that the Iraqi government has agreed to allocate $10 billion for the reconstruction of Sadr City, and that talks with international firms have reached an advanced stage.

Sadr City is on the outskirts of Baghdad and is perhaps Iraq’s most impoverished town, but if the reports are correct is should become Iraq’s most modern town in a few years.

If what Baghdad’s Mayor, Saber al-Aysawi [Saber Al-Issawi], says is true, the Sadr City should become Iraq’s most modern in a few years.

A major British firm will be the main contractor with 10 more subcontractors that will be hired to do the massive reconstruction.

“The companies have 45 days to submit their designs and proposals on how to implement the project,” Al-Issawi said in the statement.

Successive Iraqi governments have vowed to modernize the slum city but all their promises did not come true.

The city came into being in the early 1960s as a result of large influx of peasants from southern Iraq seeking better life in Baghdad.

The city is a warren of mainly one-storey houses, with streets and alleyways inundated with sewage water.

It is believed to be one the most densely populated cities in the world, with extended families of up to three generations living in small houses measuring 100 square meters [??] on average.

Aysawi gave no details on what will happen to the city, but the fact that the reconstruction will cost $10 billion is worthy of note and if spent wisely it could change the livelihood of the city’s more than 2 million people to the better.

IBN will keep you informed on this project as more details emerge.

(Source: Azzaman)

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