Iraqis' Renewed Taste for Whisky

In another sign of normality returning to battle-weary Iraq, the country is renewing its taste for Scotch whisky,according to a report in The Scotsman.

David Gates, whisky director for drinks giant Diageo, said sales of the company's whiskies were on the rise after taking a pounding in recent years.

Before the 2003 invasion, Iraq had been a big market for the drinks company, which makes blended whiskies including Johnnie Walker, J&B and Vat 69, along with malts such as Lagavulin, Royal Lochnagar and Talisker.

Figures from the Scotch Whisky Association show that total Scotch whisky sales in Iraq rose from £2.9 million in 2008 to £6.5m last year.

Gates said he believed that sales were being driven by soldiers still stationed in the country.

(Source: The Scotsman)

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