UN Initiative to Alleviate Water Shortages in Iraq

UNESCO has launched a scientific survey of Iraq’s groundwater in an effort to improve the government's ability to address water scarcity in the country.

Iraq is currently facing severe water shortages across most parts of the country, with over 7.6 million Iraqis lacking access to safe drinking water, and an agriculture sector suffering from years of drought.

Absent until now, this complete picture of groundwater resources in the country will provide national and local authorities the tools to identify accurately and manage sustainably this precious resource.

Incorporating the priorities put forward by the Government of Iraq for the water sector, the program will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase, funded by the European Union (EU) through the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Iraq Trust Fund, establishes an interactive database that uses Iraq’s existing hydro-geological data with a team of government experts trained to manage the database.

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