UN Initiative to Alleviate Water Shortages in Iraq

Data and analysis gathered in Phase I will be integrated into a national survey of Iraq’s hydro-geological resources.

Phase II, planned for 2011, will identify aquifers down to 3,000 meters below the surface, study soil composition and aquifer replenishment, and prioritize areas for agricultural development.

Upon completion of the initiative, the Government of Iraq will have a wealth of new data about the status of groundwater in the country, and will be able to move quickly to address water shortages in worst affected areas.

The project will also improve planning of new agriculture projects and enable sustainable management of Iraq’s underground aquifers.  Additionally, the program will allow Iraqi water engineers across the country to share information on groundwater resources with each other quickly and efficiently.

“This project highlights the important role science plays in the development and reconstruction of Iraq. This program will utilize the latest surveying technologies and scientific processes to strengthen Iraq’s understanding and management of its water resources,” said Mohamed Djelid, Director of UNESCO Iraq.

“Water management is high up on our agenda. The launch of this project reflects the mutual engagement of UNESCO and the European Union to support the development of Iraq. In 2011 we’ll continue to promote sustainable water management practices in Iraq.” said Jobst Von Kirchmann, Head of Development Cooperation, European Union.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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