Kurdistan Region Rejects Further Delays to Census

Kurdistan Region Presidency Chief of Staff, Fuad Hussein, said in a statement that the Kurdistan Region Presidency would not accept any more postponements to a national census. He affirmed that one must be held by the end of 2010.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has already shown remarkable patience in waiting for the constitutionally-mandated census to occur, despite repeated delays. Further delays reflect a dangerous drift in the Iraqi political process and a lack of commitment by some groups to the federal, democratic principles that form the basis for the new Iraq.

“Those calling for a deferral of the census are the same people who prevented the census from taking place in 2009. They constantly put forward unsubstantiated reasons for the postponement of this much-needed census,” said Mr. Hussein, adding that it is clear that those behind such actions do not support the realization of a democratic and representative Iraqi government.

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