LG Supports a Korean Language Course in Erbil

Eleven young Kurds finished a two-month course to learn Korean in a program sponsored by the LG company and the Kurdish-Korean Friendship Association. The programs aim wa to enhance bilateral cultural relations.

"Learning the Korean language is a major link towards understanding the culture. Teaching the Korean language to Kurdish students is definitely a step closer to harmonizing the Kurdish and Koreans cultures," said Mr. Zhang, a Korean-language instructor, during the graduation ceremony in Erbil in September.

LG Iraq Country Manager, Tae Ick Son, and Naz Falakaddin, the Kurdish-Korean Friendship Association manager, and several officials of the KRG Ministry of Education, attended the graduation.

"We truly appreciate the effort LG has put in facilitating and providing the necessary support to teach the Korean language to this group of Kurdish students," said Falakaddin. She congratulated the students and presented them with certificates and awards.

The first place winner, Soz Nawzad, said "We have learned a lot about the Korean language and have developed the skills to be able to communicate with others."

While most of the participants of the course learned a lot, student Chro Jawhar said the course should have lasted longer because learning a language needs more than two months.

Some of the students already knew a little Korean from watching Korean TV series shown on Kurdish TV channels.

LG Electronics is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances and aims to expand in the Kurdistan Region. LG also hopes to teach languages in addition to its main business.

(Source: Kurdish Globe)

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  1. amara 3rd September 2014 at 14:54 #

    hi - i read all of this and i just finished high school, i am dying to learn korean and now i life in erbil _ is there any courses that i can take in here to learn korean i was searching for some info but i didn't find anything please help me i'll be thankful so much if you can help me please
    jebal dowajuseyo ( please help me )