US to Hire Another 7,000 Security Contractors in Iraq

The US government will hire an additional 7,000 security contractors once Congress approves the 2011 budget.

Speaking at the annual Arab-US Policymakers conference in Washington, Michael Corbin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for State for Iraq said security contractors will help "the Iraqi government improve its police department and other civil agencies."

Corbin stated that State Department will hire another 7,000 security contractors once Congress comes through with a 2011 budget, in which State Department has requested USD 2.6 billion for operations in Iraq.

As the US continues to scale down its military operations in Iraq, transfer to more civilian, development-focused operations is rapidly taking place, Corbin said.

The State Department takes on greater roles training the Iraqi police and establishing a permanent diplomatic presence.

Corbin watered down the role played by the regional powers in forming Iraq's new government, and stressed that the new government should be "inclusive" and that's "what the people of Iraq wants."

(Source: The Peninsula)

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