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Baghdad Hails First Miss Iraq Since 1972

By Simon Kent. For the first time since 1972, Baghdad has held its first beauty pageant for the title of "Miss Iraq." The winner, Shaymaa Abdelrahman, a 20 year old from the contested city of Kirkuk, said that she would use her new found public profile to launch education initiatives for children displaced by fighting in […]

Baghdad to Protect Turkish Companies

By Simon Kent. The chairman of the Baghdad Provincial Investment Commission, Shaker al-Zamli, has committed to protecting Turkish commercial interests in Iraq following the ongoing Turkish hostage crisis. Early this month, 17 Turks and a Kurdish man were taken captive by a hitherto unheard of fringe Shi'a group. Two have subsequently been released, and the act has […]

G4S Win $187 Million Basra Contract

By Simon Kent. G4S Risk Management has announced that it has won a new contract to provide security services to Basra Gas Company (BGC) for three years commencing January 2016 with a total contract value of $187 million. The exercise of a two-year extension option would bring the total value to $270 million. BGC operates […]

Justice Ministry Official Kidnapped in Baghdad

By Simon Kent. Various sources have reported Tuesday that acting deputy justice minister Abdel Karim Faris was kidnapped in northern Baghdad, by "black clad" assailants. One source Iraq Business News spoke with speculated that terrorists had taken advantage of PM Haidar al Abadi's recent decision to cut security staff for politicians, but in the absence of details we […]

Weekly Security Update: 03 - 09 March 2015

National Overview Allied forces are now understood to be in preparations for a direct assault on Tikrit city, following a large scale retreat of ISIS fighters from towns and villages protecting main routes. In total some 20,000 troops, alongside PMU militias and Sunni tribesmen have advanced on the town, closing off routes to the south […]

Haider al Abadi: Bringing Strategy to the Table

By Robert Tollast. “How is electricity?”, I asked. “Excellent” replied Marwan, a young student of Physics at the University of Dhi Qar. Marwan (not his real name) is studying wireless transmission, and one of his lecturers is currently in Leicester studying with a British Council initiative to bolster the academic capacity of Iraqi universities. Will […]

Iraq Buys Small Arms and Ammunition from Iran

By John Lee. An investigation by Reuters has found that Iraq has purchased $195 million worth of small arms, ammunition and infantry kit from Iran, in addition to artillery ammunition. The move will likely unnerve some observers in the US, but analysts are still divided over the extent of Iranian influence in Iraq. Touted by an […]

Security Remains Top Risk for Iraqi Journalists

By Laith Hammoudi of IWPR. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Jinan Hussein decided to miss the United Nations conference rather than have her brand new iPhone confiscated by a sentry outside the Green Zone in central Baghdad. “I wanted to make a call […]

UN Sec-General Concerned About Iraq Security

On July 29, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed alarm about the deterioration of the security situation in Iraq.  "The Sectretary-General condemns, in the strongest terms, the acts of terrorism and the heightened sectarian violence, which are aimed at ripping apart the country's social fabric," Ban's spokesperson said in a statement. "The killing of […]

Video: Maliki Reshuffles Security Chiefs

From Al Jazeera. Any opinions expressed are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq's prime minister has ordered a reshuffle of his senior security commanders, including those in charge of the capital Baghdad. A major escalation in sectarian violence has pushed the government deeper into a […]

Weekly Security Update

    By Tom Walker, Director, Assaye Risk COUNTRY OVERVIEW Heightened levels of violence and increased sectarian tensions dominated reporting in Iraq this week.  The relative uneasy calm of last week was shattered by an increase in bombings, IDF attacks and assassinations across the country, with the majority of the violence predominantly in the North […]


Weekly Security Update

By Gary Sandiford, Olive Group’s Dubai based assessments manager.  Olive Group is a leading provider of security and technology solutions and has operated continuously in Iraq since 2003.   Overview Olive Groups Iraq statistics are drawn from multiple sources, including media reporting and direct liaison with in country assets. Included within the statistics are a […]