Russian Companies to Build Monorail in Baghdad

A group of Russian companies has been offered the project to build a monorail in Baghdad, according to Aswat al-Iraq.

“Baghdad’s Hanging Train [monorail?] project, offered tp Russian companies, is expected to stretch for 25 kms, with a total capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour, through 16 stations, distributed between Baghdad’s two banks of Rusafa and Karkkh,” Deputy Governor of Baghdad, Kamel Al-Saadi said told the agency on Saturday.

He said that the train would follow two routes, the first beginning from East Baghdad’s Shaab district, passing through Mustansiriya, Kazimiya and end in central Baghdad’s Alawi al-Hilla, whilst the other begins from west Baghdad’s Yarmouk district, passing through Muthann Airport and also ending in Alawi al-Hilla.

In June, Canadian company TransGlobim International won the contract to build a monorail in the holy city of Najaf.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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