World's Most Dangerous Motorway gets Beauty Treatment

Baghdad's airport road was considered the most dangerous motorway in the world, but the city is now turning it into "the most beautiful street in the world", according to AFP.

The US military had called it "RPG alley" (that's rocket-propelled grenade), as road users were at the receiving end of particularly frequent attacks during 2006 and 2007. The road itself took a double beating from explosions and lack of maintenance, but it is now safer and heavily protected.

Baghdad mayor Saber al-Issawi said on Sunday that he will beautify the road before the city hosts the Arab League summit next March.

Iraq’s government has budgeted more than US$80 billion for infrastructure development, many of which are focusing on a number of large projects relating to construction and roads. Al-Issawi said: "More than 23 international companies from seven countries...will start at the end of this month to develop a large number of streets and places in Baghdad."

"Included in those is Baghdad International Airport street, which extends from Baghdad airport to the Green Zone, at a cost of $200m, to transform it into the most beautiful street in the world."

In all, for the summit, Baghdad is going to redevelop 50 roads and areas at a cost of $425m.

(Source: AFP, IRaq Business News)

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