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Basra Airport Renovation Begins

Basra council decided this week to renovate and upgrade Basra International Airport as part of preparation to host the Gulf Cup in 2013, reports AKnews. The airport is Iraq's second biggest. Jabbar Amin Jaber, Basra Council chairman, said: “More than $100 million (116.5 billion Dinars) were allocated to begin the construction within the next couple of […]

Weekly Security Update for 19th January 2011

Overview Levels of violence fell last week, but the past 48 hours have seen three suicide attacks in the central provinces, killing dozens and injuring over 200. As with the recent spate in assassinations in the centre of the country, the main target of the suicide bombers were state employees and members of the Iraqi […]

Weekly Security Update for 15th December 2010

Overview Levels of violence fell in Iraq last week for the third week in a row. However, conditions have started to deteriorate once again with a rise in attacks since Sunday, particularly in the central provinces and Baghdad. The number of terrorist attacks is likely to increase further over the coming days, despite numerous police […]

World's Most Dangerous Motorway gets Beauty Treatment

Baghdad's airport road was considered the most dangerous motorway in the world, but the city is now turning it into "the most beautiful street in the world", according to AFP. The US military had called it "RPG alley" (that's rocket-propelled grenade), as road users were at the receiving end of particularly frequent attacks during 2006 and 2007. […]

Iraq Wants Hundreds of US Billions

...and it looks like it is going to get it. Iraq has lofty investment targets for the next five years. Sami al-Araji, chairman of Iraq's National Investment Commission, told Reuters: "We'd like to go ahead and shoot for $600 billion. We hope of course we can realize it, but we will be very happy if we […]

Air Expansion Continues with Airport and Route Growth

More than $150bn of airport and logistics infrastructure is being considered, according to estimates reported by AME Info FZ. Interested bidders include British Aviation Group, German Airports Group, Gulf Ground Handling Association, Middle East Aerospace Consortium, and others. The first exhibition to get air investment truly off the ground will be the Iraq Airport Expansion, Cargo Logistics […]

Designs Completed for Airport in Maysan

A group of Swiss and Russian firms have completed the designs of a civil airport in Amara city, Maysan province, according to a report in Aswat al-Iraq. “The airport will be like others constructed by the group in Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Libya,” a source from the group told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Thursday. He […]

Business Booming at Sulaimaniyah International Airport

Business is booming at Sulaimaniyah International Airport, with more than 2,000 flights since the beginning of 2010. From January 2010 to the end of August, there were 2,381 flights to and from the airport, Dana Mohammad the media director of the airport, told AKnews. A total of 107,581 passengers have flown through the airport during […]

Dhi Qar to Build Civil Airport

The technical assistant of head of Dhi Qar provincial council, Abdul Hussein Hajar, revealed that the Defense Ministry approved the allocation of part of Al Imam Ali air base to build a civil airport, subject to the approval of the Transport Ministry. The airport construction requires further legal and technical investigations in order to be […]

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Ninawa Considers Second Airport

(Source: Eye media company) Judge Hassan Mahmood, Ninawa's second deputy governor, discussed procedures for building a new airport in Sahajee district west of Mosul, with representatives of investment body, agriculture, real-estate, electricity and environment departments. The judge ordered the agriculture department to work on breaking agriculture reclamation contracts, and on completing compulsory purchase orders, which […]

Iraq Plans to Double Baghdad Airport Capacity

* Plans to boost capacity to 15 mln passengers per year * Wants to build 3 new terminals at Baghdad Iraq plans to double capacity at Baghdad International Airport to 15 million passengers per year, the head of the country's civil aviation authority said on Tuesday. After years of sanctions and war, Iraq plans billions […]