Optimism Despite Iraq's New Government

National Alliance MP Hadi Al Amiri is holding the media responsible for creating tension over the government formation talks. I think that Iraq's politicians managed that well enough without us.

The distrust continues, with Ayad Allawi, former prime minister, whose Iraqiya bloc won the most votes in the March elections now saying that the result is not what it first appeared:

“The formula for power sharing has been distorted and the issue of devolution has been distorted. He added that he was not sure whether a "coherent government" would result. “Still we have some time to discuss issues and to see if this will happen or not.” He was asked if the government could last a while and he simply answered: “No”.

Allawi may not even accept a position created specifically to placate him that would put him in charge of a security council. Other parties are saying it will be powerful. The National Coalition have said that it will play an important role in preventing the marginalization or exclusion of parties from the political process. Clearly Allawi is not yet convinced.

Even so, investment continues and optimism grows, according to Iraqi websites. Firms outside Iraq are also continually seeing the risks shrink in relation to the huge rewards, as Turner Investment reports now that the pluses outweight the minuses.

Changes at Iraq Business News

We are delighted to introduce two new additions to our panel of experts on Iraqi business.

Stan Harbison is Vice President of Research and Analysis at energy consultants EPRINC, and has extensive knowledge of the business in Iraq. He will be sharing his thoughts on the development of energy sector in Iraq through a series of regular blog pieces for Iraq Business News.

On the security side, we are joined by John Drake, of security consultants AKE. John will be giving us regular updates on the security situation in Iraq, in addition to his personal observations and opinions in his blog series.

We look forward to reading their perspective on developments in Iraq.

Upper Quartile and AAIB have the experience to assist your business in Iraq. For more information please contact Gavin Jones or Adrian Shaw.

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