Arab Economic Union Office to Open in Baghdad

Iraqi representative to the Arab League, Dr. Qais al-Azzawi, said that a branch of the Arab Economic Union will open in Baghdad in the near future, according to AKnews.

Following a meeting on Sunday with Ambassador Mohamed al Rabie’, the General Secretary of the union, Al-Azzawi told AKnews that the opening of the office represents the will of all Arab states to revive the Iraqi economy.

He pointed out that the Arab Economic Union has issued an appeal to the major economic bodies previously present in Iraq to return and once more open offices there in order to participate in the process of its reconstruction and economic development.

Al-Azzawi said that today’s meeting included consultation with and coordination among the Arab states regarding the union’s work and a discussion of the agenda for its 92nd session which will be held this week in Cairo.

The most important topics to be discussed in the forthcoming meeting’s agenda are matters concerning Iraq’s reconstruction and the establishment of developmental projects in the country.

Al-Azzawi added that the meeting will include a discussion of core political strategies of the Arab Federations; their restructuring and the development of tools and activities to contribute to the augmentation of Arab trade and developmental investments.

(Source: AKnews)

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