Iraq Govt Spends $95m on Dates

Iraq's Agriculture Minister has allocated 112 billion Iraqi Dinars (IQD) [over $95m] to purchase dates from the local growers.

The deputy head of the ministry’s finance and management board told AKnews that the decision is to support and encourage the farmers and boost the agriculture sector.

Each ton of first grade dates will be purchased at 450,000 IQD [nearly $400]. One ton of the second and third grades are to be purchased at nearly $300 and $180, respectively.

The purchased crops will be sold to the trading companies with $85 discount.

The Iraqi government is trying to boost the Iraqi agricultural infrastructure through various measures, including giving loans to the farmers, constructing and improving irrigation channels, and purchasing their crops.

According to unofficial figures, more than 80% of the world's date supply is grown in Iraq. Over 600 varieties of dates are grown in the country.

(Source: AKnews)

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