Kurdistan Bolsters Ties with Poland

A delegation representing 15 companies from the Kurdistan Region went to Poland on Thursday to visit an annual business expo in the country.

Salah Khidir, the head of the Polish-Iraqi Commerce and Industry Chamber told AKnews that the three-day expo will start on Jan.14. The Kurdish team seeks to boost ties with the host country’s businessmen and firms during the event, he added.

The official also said the representatives of some companies from the multiethnic Kirkuk province are joining the Kurdish delegation.

The Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq, covers three provinces, Erbil, Sulaimaniya and Dohuk.

Khidir said the expo is a” good opportunity” to strengthen economic ties because many top Polish officials from trade, reconstruction, foreign and relations ministries as well as the polish businessmen and the heads of the commerce and industry chambers will attended the exhibition. The Iraqi embassy representatives and the Kurdistan Region’s delegate, Ahmed Mufti, will also be present.

Over 11,000 companies operate in Kurdistan and many others are on a waiting list to get work licences.

(Source: AKnews)

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