Wassit Council Urges Boycott of Electricity Bills

The chairman of Wasit [Wassit] council’s media department has said that the council has called on its citizens not to pay their electricity bills because they are too high.

The economic commission in the federal Council of Ministers directed the ministry of electricity last year to gradually increase the cost of consumer electricity in order to encourage the Iraqi public to be more responsible in their domestic consumption.

The head of Wasit’s media department, Al-Dahabi, told AKnews that the new prices were not commensurate with the income of most households in the province and so the recently distributed bills have been returned to the ministry unpaid.

Dahabi said that the council had received a number of complaints from electricity consumers as the domestic rates had doubled, and were not considered to correspond to the poor levels of service that Wasit citizens receive.

“The council will discuss this issue during its next meeting,” he said, then coordinate with the Ministry of Electricity to come up with a pricing formula “that doesn’t overburden the Iraqi citizen.”

Iraq plans to increase the country’s capacity to 27,000 megawatts over the next four years requiring an annual investment of between $3bn to $4bn.

(Source: AKnews)

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