Maaqal Port Receives Record Number of Ships

Southern Iraq's Maaqal Terminal port in Basra Province has received 288 ships in 2010, more than it did in any year since 1980, a Transport Ministry statement said.

"The reason for such large number of ships, that was received by Maaqal Terminal in 2010, is due to the projects built as part of the reconstruction works and the rehabilitation of the Terminal, as well as the opening of al-Tannouma Bridge on the Shatt al-Arab Waterway."

The statement added that the end of last year had witnessed an unprecidented movement to receive ships of different sizes and loads, from different nationalities, along with the export of huge quantities of Iraqi palm dates, as Maaqal Terminal is known for the strength of its developed docks, the availability of port equipment and stores, along with its strategic position.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

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