New Report on Investment in Iraq

Dunia Frontier Consultants have issued a new report entitled Foreign Commercial Activity in Iraq - 2010 Year in Review.

According to their research, the total number of reported investments, service contracts, and other commercial activities by foreign firms more than doubled in 2010.

The report includes a listing of the 30 biggest foreign investment deals in the country over the past year, analysis by region and sector, and details of the main investor countries.

Please click here  to download a copy.

174 Responses to New Report on Investment in Iraq

  1. Carmen Vargas 5th April 2011 at 13:18 #

    I really hope that is the truth, we would be very happy if that happens.

  2. Rooster 6th April 2011 at 01:05 #

    I haven't commented in awhile, I take breaks from this roller coaster ride every once in awhile. I look at it as money sitting in the bank, a savings if you will.
    I had to come out of my slumber to ask Rick a question. What do you "pumpers" get outta spreading your bs to people that are reaching out for guidance and rolling the dice on a dream??
    I laugh at you guys week in and week out, its gonna rv this day for this reason, no, it didnt rv for this reason, but it will next week.
    Give it a rest. You guys are as clueless to this as everyone else. NOBODY knows when its going to happen, and IF it is all together.
    People, there are no actual "Guru's" out there with a secret contact into this investment. I am IN Baghdad and have been for the past year and I dont know. I talk to LN's and they dont really know. But they do laugh at the fat that it's going to be soon.
    As long as you stuck to the golden rules of investment you should be ok.
    1. Do your research!! Don't just go off of "pumpers", "Downers" and these so called "Guru's" on line. Do the research, its your money and future, not theirs.

    2. Invest only what you are willing to lose!! This is a gamble. Currency is a rocky road to travel on specially in our day and age. I know many investment specialist (it's their career to make investments) that will not go near the currency exchange game.

    3. Be aware of current events!! You have to pay attention to whats happening globaly. You are investing into the currency of a war shooken nation. A nation that has been surpressed for YEEEEAAAAARRRRSSSSS. It is going to take time to get their politics, Economy and Importing and Exporting stable. There are still tribes and factions throwing wrenches into the gears of this machine.

    If this RV is going to happen, it's going to be at least 2 to 3 years down the road. AT LEAST!!! So...with that said, if you made this investment thinking it is going to make you rich quick, you are very sadly mistaken. It is going to be a roller coaster ride with loops, twists, turns and ups and downs, and you dont have a safety harness. So HOLD ON!!!

    I am an investor of the Dinar, and a decent amount of it, but I didnt invest too much, I do my research and I keep up with global events. I suggest you do the same.
    And to you "pumpers" out there, get a life


  3. Bernie King 12th April 2011 at 08:47 #

    Have they got their Government in place in Iraq to RV the Dinar if they decide too?

  4. Russell Morris 18th April 2011 at 07:42 #

    They are talking about the raising of the 3 zoroes from the currency. If we have currency in denominations with three zeroes, will we still be able to cash in, or can we exchange the currency for lower denominations somewhere now? I read that collecting all the currency with 3 zeroes has been going on for some time. Can anyone help with these questions?

  5. Stew 18th April 2011 at 09:16 #

    Russell… that’s all dealer spin and lies to keep people in the dinar.
    When the “delete 3 zero” plan gets implemented Iraq will issue a new currency. All current dinars, ALL, will have to be turned in and exchanged for new dinar. It’s not just the notes with 3 zeros on them.
    When they talk of deleting 3 zeros from the currency it is all about reducing the money supply. That’s why all the articles talk about the current money supply of 28 Trillion. When ALL currency is exchanged 1000 current for 1 new that will reduce the money supply to 28 Billion. That’s the 3 zeros they are talking about… not the specific 3 zeros on any note.
    Imagine the average Iraqi who might have some 25,000 and some 10,000 and some 500… a mixture of notes. Let’s say he has 1,350,500 dinars currently. He turns those in and he will receive 1,350.5 new dinars. What denominations he gets in return is irrelevant… be it 25s 20s 10s 1s and some change… as long as it’s 1,350.50 dinars.

    There is absolutely no proof that Iraq has been removing the large bills. That’s all pumper hype.

    When the plan is enacted... people with dinar half way around the world are going to have a lot of trouble getting rid of it.

  6. Carmen Vargas 18th April 2011 at 18:10 #

    All these comments are making me think that purchasing these dinars was a mistake. Then I get messages from investor friend of mine, that it is not a mistake, that it is a good investment. So I feel that if its for me its for me and when it wants to RV, it will RV, it didn't happen today, like I heard, but one of these days it will.
    When we cash it in, the 000's may be different, but I look at it this way, I still will make something on it, at least what I invested. RV now or laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  7. mike 22nd April 2011 at 17:47 #

    On April 14, just 5 days ago, Mr. Saleh made the following statement:

    Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Tuesday that the project of Iraqi Dinar re-denomination consisting of removing three zeroes is close to completion….

    In an earlier statement to Alsumaria News, Iraq’s central Bank adviser Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh affirmed that the bank plans to remove three zeroes from the Iraqi Dinar noting that the zeroes which were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply estimated at 27 trillion Iraqi Dinar.

    What happened, then during the year between February 2010 and April 2011? We now know the answer.

    Mr. Shabibi, head of the CBI, announced as far back as July of 2010 that the process of removing the large denominated notes (“removal of the three zeros?”) was even then already 70% complete. Therefore from 27 trillion dinars in circulation, as far back as July of last year that number was down to 8.1 trillion dinars still remaining in circulation.

    Now, as of this month, Mr. Saleh says that the process of removing the large denominations is “nearly complete.” What does this mean? Clearly they haven’t removed the large denominated notes from outside of Iraq, including the notes we hold. Therefore, his statement must be taken as referring to large notes WITHIN the country of Iraq.

    Let’ assume that American investors hold about 3 trillion dinars, and lets assume that the US government and all other governments and people outside Iraq hold another 4 trillion dinars. This would mean that there would have been about 1.1 trillion dinars left in Iraq to draw into the CBI from July of 2010 until now. Saleh’s statement indicates that this process of removal is now “nearly complete.”

    We know this to be true because there is literally no cash in the Iraqi economy at this time. This is nearly at a crisis point and the issuance of the smaller denominated notes (which, incidentally, were part of the original 27 trillion dinars printed in 2003) is about to begin which will correct this problem. Of course issuing the small notes without also revaluing the currency would fail. People would need a wheelbarrow of notes to fill their car with gas!

    What about the remaining 7 trillion dinars floating around the world? How in the world could Iraq buy these back? According to Wayne, even if his number of 27 trillion dinars is reduced to 7 trillion dinars, there still isn’t enough money either in Iraq or elsewhere to pay back the investors, or is there?

    The US, China, Britain, and France by far hold the majority of the outstanding dinars. An agreement was made with Iraq last year in which it was agreed by all four countries that none of them would attempt to “cash in” their dinars for a minimum of 6 months after the RV.

    Of course Wayne might then say that this is only pushing the ball down the field and that it does not solve Iraq’s problem. If that were the whole story, he would be correct. However there is a second part to the story.

    When these four countries finally begin to “cash in” their dinars they will do so for oil, not dollars, or pounds, or yuan. Oil is something that Iraq DOES have plenty of, literally trillions of dollars worth. Furthermore, it costs Iraq about $.57 per barrel to get that crude out of the ground. Therefore, effectively, given a current price of oil of $125 per barrel, Iraq will be buying back its dinars, $125 dollars worth at a time, for only $.57. It is clear that they can afford this.

    How about all of our invested dinars? How will they pay US back when we cash in? The answer to this is also quite simple: our dinars go to the US Treasury and become a part of the pool of dinars that will be traded for oil beginning 6 months from now. It will actually be the US Treasury that will be cashing us in, not Iraq.

    How can the US Treasury afford to do this? Again, the answer is simple. First, the transaction is purely electronic. The UST does not need to have trillions of dollars printed to cash us out. Second, and this is important for the health of our own economy, the US government has contracted to buy oil from Iraq, beginning in 6 months, at only $32 per barrel, not $125. Therefore, for every dinar that we turn in to the US Treasury, the federal government will quadruple the buying power of those dinars when converting them to oil.

    Presumably the US government will then sell the oil to Chevron and others for $125 per barrel, keeping the gain in their own coffers, more than enough to offset the inflationary pressure from the initial cashing in of our dinars to the US Treasury,

    Now we must address another key point that Wayne is mistaken about. This has to do with the amount of reserves that Iraq holds, and will hold, after the RV. He is correct that the current reserves are about $50 billion. However, what he fails to take into consideration is that there is at least that much more outside of Iraq held in banks around the world “in trust” awaiting the final disposition of the Chapter 7 issue with the UN. With the RV will come the final release of Iraq from Chapter 7. This will allow Iraq to reclaim its vast wealth from overseas banks, as well as ships moored outside Iraq for 20 years, and other assets.

    The result will be that the reserves of Iraq will more than double.

    Let’s assume that the reserves double to $100 billion.

    Now, how will that compare to the new money supply of Iraq after the RV? Mr. Shabibi and Mr. Saleh are on record that they intended to bring the money supply back to the early 1980s level of 25 billion dinars. Mr. Saleh indicated 5 days ago that this processs is “nearly complete”, as I have quoted above.

    Are the reserves worth $100 billion dinars sufficient to cover a money supply of only 25 billion dinars? Assuming we have an V at $3 per dinar, the money supply would be worth $75 billion. The reserves would cover the money supply by 125%, making Iraq the strongest currency in the world.

    The US, incidentally, has reserves of about 10 cents for every outstanding dollar.

    Now, in closing, let’s take this one step farther. Suppose, over the next 6 months, the dinar gains and gains in value until it reaches $12 per dinar. Can Iraq afford this? Let’s do the math again. With a money supply of 25 billion dinars, the “worth” in terms of dollars would be $300 billion (12 times 25). I have just shown that post RV the “worth” of the Iraqi reserves will rise to $100 billion. Therefore they would STILL have 66% coverage for their money supply in reserve, even at $12 per dinar.

    I believe this is sufficient to show that Wayne’s analysis is quite flawed and that no one needs to be concerned about this RV. Everything is on plan, and imminent.
    Here's is a good explanation about how this dinar thing works:
    > For the people who do not understand how this can happen $$$$ posted by FREEWAY BILL
    > Let me just say that I am not a guru. I do not claim to know when the RV will happen or what rate it will come in at. Does not matter.
    > So many people have used the abundance of money involved makes it impossible for it to happen.
    > Let me give you some things to ponder:
    > There were originally 30 trillion dinar printed. Well over 80% of that amount has been accounted for and is in the hands of Iraq. That leaves 6 trillion dinar out of which US, China, Russia, Brazil and other countries hold a substantial amount of these in their countries. So let us say that there is 1 – 1.5 trillion is out in the hands of regular people, trusts, etc.
    > How could Iraq possibly cash in this much at one time?
    > They can’t!
    > Or Can They?
    > China and the US have signed agreements that they each will take all of their dinar and all that they cash in from their citizens in OIL @ an agreed upon rate of $ 32.00 per barrel for however long it takes.
    > Now taking the total of 6 trillion that is supposedly out there which would be multiplied by the rate that we will set at $ 4 just to go from a number of some kind.
    > So now we have $ 24,000,000,000,000! Seems like an amount that just will not be possible? Read on. 24 trillion dollars will transform to 750 BILLION barrels of oil @ $32.00. That is what it will cost Iraq to payoff. That is still a lot of money, right? Well, considering that one barrel of oil cost Iraq less than $ 2.00 per barrel to process which means that Iraq can pay off ALL of the Dinar still out for $ 1,500,000,000 while coming out of sanctions, becoming a powerful country and a part of the UN and WTO and go forward.
    > Being that this RV would basically make it so the US will be able to pay off most or all of their national debt along with the other countries involved would be doing the same making the World Economy would get a tremendous shot in the arm and everyone would be on a better playing field meaning World trade would be enhanced and the US and China emerge as the strongest and Iraq comes out as either the richest or the 2nd richest country in the world.
    > So, my friends, the RV can happen and actually if you take Iraq’s assets, it could actually justify RVing at upwards of $ 8 – $ 12 and this calculation would work and still leave Iraq with a smidgen of debt compared to the assets they have. So rest assured that there will BE NO LOP because it is not necessary and it would deflate this entire plan and not help anyone and Iraq would not emerge as a stable government or friend to anyone.
    > So, poke holes in this if you wish. I would be interested to see what anyone can come up with that will change these numbers. I am not a genius, just an investor that has to reason out everything I invest in to see where the return can come from and how much it can actually reasonably be…
    > I didn’t come up with this plan, but whoever did was a genius. This is historic. People have said to me, “How can you invest so little and gain so much?” Well, not in our lifetime has any country been completely destroyed, government and all with the agenda to build it back up. This plan was IMO in place before the first boot hit the ground in Iraq. It all makes sense.
    > Please feel free to credibly pick this apart if you can. I have studied this to no end and I keep coming up with the same numbers.

  8. mike 22nd April 2011 at 19:22 #

    so between the 70% if not more by now which Mr. Shabibi, head of the CBI has stated along with the implementation of electronic cards I think that more than enough proof to say they are removing the larger bill. thank you

  9. Stew 23rd April 2011 at 05:56 #

    Way too many lies to even waste my time answering. Just start with this. It was never stated that they had removed 70% of the 28 Trillion dinar reported. Yes they have removed 70% of liquidity... but they still have 28 Trillion left in circulation. They have had a 70 or so trillion dinar budget for 6 or 7 years now... so they have put about way the heck more than 28 trillion into circulation over that time. We all know about the auctions... they have removed 70% of all the currency they have put in the system... and that results in them still having 28 Trillion in circulation. FACT!!
    As for removing large denoms already... big fat lie!!
    There was an article that said LOWER denoms were scarce and no one wanted them. The shop owners didn't want them. That is a far cry from saying the big denoms were being removed. But it didn;t stop lying scamming dinar dealers and their pimps from making up lies.
    Provide an article that actually states they have already been pulling big bills and I'll retract my statement.

  10. Stamp 23rd April 2011 at 08:48 #

    mike, that was a pretty good and lengthy post.

  11. The G-Man 23rd April 2011 at 15:52 #

    Here's something to consider. Are the Dinars the USA is holding considered as "being in circulation"? If so, thene all the others countries holding dinars are also considered in circulation. There are trillions of dinars being held by various countries which would amount to a shit-load of dinars that are not in OUR equation of dinars that will be exchanged. The countries holding dinars plan to redeem them from time to time for OIL. So, there really aren't that many 25,000 dinar notes in actual, what we call "circulation". You might want to forward this to wherever you got the e-mail below.

    Also, who says the shop keepers don't want the smaller denominations to be in circulation. They have to come into circulation for the RV to happen because otherwise Iraq will become the second Wiemar Republic.I suspect any complaint about the small denoms was because the Iraqi shop keepers wanted to trade in USD not Dinars.

  12. Stew 23rd April 2011 at 17:00 #

    Yeah... it was great post if you like fairy tales.

  13. Stew 24th April 2011 at 13:44 #

    G-Man. What dinars held by the US and other countries?? There is absolutly no proof an any country holding dinar. This idea that countries are holding dinar is nothing but made up fantasy by people trying to get you to buy dinar.

  14. Stamp 25th April 2011 at 06:54 #

    which part are fairy tales, Stew?

    yours have been negative, everywhere every forum.

  15. Stamp 25th April 2011 at 06:56 #

    stew, could you point out, one paragraph at one time, the fairy tales one, and give us your basis to refute them.

  16. Stew 25th April 2011 at 09:47 #

    Right from the top Stamp.
    The CBI did not announce the project was complete. They have said in a number of times recently that THE PLAN is almost complete. It still has to go to the ministries and parliament for approval. How the heck have they almost completed the project if the plan hasn’t even been completed and sent in for approval. So the very first sentence is a blatant lie.

    Next… yes they have announced the redenomination… obviously the author of this fairy tale doesn’t understand what a redenomination is.

    Shabbi never said the process was 70% complete. That is ridiculous interpretation of an article that stated Iraq had removed 70% of liquidity from the market. Never once mentioned big bills or redenomination. They have had a budget of 60 to 80 trillion dinar for 6 or 7 years now. How many dinar do you think they have put in the system during that time? Over 100 trillion easily. So yes they have removes 70%... but they still have the 28 trillion in circulation that they report on the web site and also quote in just about every “remove 3 zero” article.

    Again… never said the process is complete. Only referring to the PLAN as almost being complete.

    No proof any Gov holds dinar… fairy tale.

    “literally no cash in the Iraqi economy at this time” Where does this come from and how is it quantified? It’s a sounds good statement based on no facts. Claims that the smaller denoms were part of the original 27 trillion printed. Blatant lie. They have said the new currency will contain Kurdish language. You really think that was part of the original printing. I say fairy tale. “People would need a wheelbarrow of notes to fill their car with gas!” Again… doesn’t understand redenomination’s or is just blatantly lying.

    Again claiming countries hold dinar. Fairy tale. Made up fantasy… what ever you want to call it.

    Claiming that Iraq has issued trillion of dinars for .0008… and that they will RV them to $1 or higher and then except them as payment for oil… that’s a fairy tale so ridiculous you would have to truly believe Santa, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the Great Pumpkin are all real to fall for that one. That would mean Iraq has presold all of it’s oil and wont receive another dime for it for about 100 or so years. Brilliant.

    Look… every single paragraph so far has been made up crap, blatant lies, or fairy tales with the exception of when he simply stated that Iraq has announced a redenomination.
    He got that right… every other thing in that post was worthless lies. That’s as much time as I’m willing to waste on that… and I really wish I had the last ten minutes back.

  17. rennie 9th May 2011 at 13:35 #

    Stew it's a long term investment? Nothing more nothing less... It's not a fairytale, this is real!

  18. Michael d Warren 9th May 2011 at 16:05 #

    That sounds more logical and where do I go to find out more information you know how to do my own homework so I'm not believe in these lies??????

  19. Stew 10th May 2011 at 08:17 #

    Rennie... it's already been 7 years, seems pretty long term to me.
    Plus... the CBI has announced they have plans to REDENOMINATE. That means the currency you currently have will have to turned in for new currency. The exchange will only be done in Iraq and will have a time limit. So if you are holding dinar in a shoebox halfway around the world you are in great jeopardy of loosing your entire investment.
    Best of luck to you.

  20. rennie 10th May 2011 at 08:32 #

    Stew,I did my homework and yes Iraq has smaller currency notes 1's 5's 10 notes etc.. Iraq had these notes for a long time, they made them when they made the 3zero notes. Do you realize how much it would cost them to start from scratch? I did my homework, i guess you didn't and yes i have been holding onto Iraq Dinar's currency for a long time and Iraq has come a long way... If i want to and which i'm not i can exchange my money, this is an investment... PERIOD!

  21. Stew 10th May 2011 at 08:59 #

    Id really be interested in where you did your homework. Because all of your claims are documented no where and only come straight from the mouths/keyboards of dinar pumpers.
    There is no proof that small denoms already exist and that they were part of the original printing. The fact is it was just recently that Iraq made the decision that they would add the Kurdish language to the new notes they plan on issuing. Maybe you could explain how they put Kurdish language on the notes 8 years ago when they just decided to do it recently.
    Where can you exchange your currency. Ali has shut down. More dinar dealers will do the same as the redenomination is announced. More and more banks every day are shutting down their dinar dealings and the very few left most likely will not touch a redenominated currency.
    You are going to be left trying to sell on e-bay… or there might be a few dealers who think they can get the dinar back to Iraq for exchange, but they will rake you over the coals to do it.
    Listening to dinar pumpers is not homework.

  22. rennie 10th May 2011 at 10:54 #

    Stew, where i get my dinar they buy and sell currency exchange international and for ali from dinar trade is having personal problems...other sites are still selling. people that work for b of a employees have bought some as well. yes i read a lot of articles and did my research before i bought into the dinar over 5yrs ago. stew i wish you well!


  23. Stew 10th May 2011 at 13:09 #

    B of A has also notified their employees that the dinar is a scam.
    Some simply choose to ignore the obvious.
    All the best to you too Rennie.

  24. rennie 10th May 2011 at 14:21 #

    Stew, it is not a scam, a scam is when you buy dinar and then you don't get your dinar period..and that has happened i'm sorry to say. Dinar is real it's like saying dollar is not real. Bottom line i'm in for the long haul.

  25. Stew 10th May 2011 at 14:58 #

    Rennie... Anyone trying to convince you that the dinar you hold is going to RV back to anything close to a dollar (or more) is either perpetrating a scam or very ignorant when it comes to currencies/economics. Neither of those would be someone to take investment advise from.
    It’s this simple Rennie. Iraq had about 25 Billion dinar when they last had a good exchange rate. They now have about 27 Trillion. Notice that is basically 1000 times more currency and explains perfectly why the exchange rate is 1000 times worse than it use to be. It also makes perfect sense why they say they will delete 3 zeros and return back to the old rate. A redenomination, which is what they have said they will do… requires that you turn in all your current currency and you will receive 1 new dinar for every 1000 you turn in. That’s what deleting 3 zeros means. The currency in circulation will again be back at the 20 some Billion level. 1000 times less than now, and a new rate of about $1 will make perfect sense.
    This same procedure has been done 80 or so times in recent history… it’s nothing new.
    Read this thread… someone posted a bunch of redenomination announcements from other countries that have done this. They read almost exactly like the articles we have seen from Iraq. Iraq has specifically used some of these countries experience as an example of what they will do.

  26. rennie 10th May 2011 at 15:12 #

    Stew the only way Iraq would lop if the country had high inflation and they don't and Iraq's debt was forgiven. It is not going to happen. Hey when it does...i will tell ya..I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  27. rennie 10th May 2011 at 15:14 #

    I hope you bought is better then going to a casino, because at least i can exchange it if i want too!

  28. Stew 10th May 2011 at 15:43 #

    Rennie... Oh how I wish what you were saying were true, cuz I had over 10 million dinar at one time. Years ago when the dinar craze first started.
    Have to tell you… your information about lops and inflation is again a made up lie from dealers and their pumpers. Lops are done to erase the effects of past inflation and it is much preferred that a country wait until inflation has been bought under control before lopping. Lots of countries that have lopped did so with single digit inflation. It’s a very easy to verify fact, yet pumpers keep telling that lie… because people fall for it and think Iraq wont lop.
    Casinos are more fun than looking at stinky dinars in a shoebox. 🙂
    I just hope you haven't invested money that you weren't willing to throw away in some other way.

  29. Big Daddy 13th May 2011 at 13:29 #

    I've done my own research for the past two years and after listening to all the hype from day one I decided to buy anyway. I have also told others to buy because of the possible gains. But at the same time, I've said all along; if you need the money that you have, hold on to it unless you can afford to lose it. I think we all know that the Dinars will RV someday; when, I don't think anyone outside of the Government really knows, and the gains could be tremendous, so why not take the gamble. I think it's better than the stock market and certainly better than the lottery. So my advice, buy some if you can, put it in a safe deposit box somewhere and forget about it for the next several years.

  30. DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES 14th May 2011 at 22:33 #

    Dinar Trade is not selling or buying anything right now!!!!! what do you guys think about that??????????????????

  31. Blondie 7th June 2011 at 19:25 #

    Stew, please provide us with an update on Dinars.

  32. jdog 20th June 2011 at 18:58 #

    Wow- Stew- u seem to think you know everything, how weird to be so neg. I mean are you really trying to help people??? ....out of all of what you say, i didn't hear much positive on why you say all that. sounds like you had a rough time, better if you just leave it alone and drown your problems in some other-way, thank you , Ive done allot of research like the rest of us, and i ignore any pumping type of info and base it off FACTS and common sense only, I see them all over the place, and not one person, who has been negative ,has shown enough proof to back up there info, i find more facts to disprove them......DUH..... DFI ends June 30! Im feeling lucky here! GOOO RRRRVVVV!!!! WOOT WOOT ! down with the haters! OH and DADDY... your comment on dinar trade is ignorant, as that was answered above correctly.. read 1st b4 commenting thank you.

  33. jpthrough 24th June 2011 at 12:23 #

    Jdog - Exactly what is "DFI?" Many thanks.

  34. jdog 1st September 2011 at 15:46 #

    DFI is the account created, as they do with countries in this matter, to take all the funds (Saddam money, all monies) and hold it till they(Iraq) gets all of the things they need to do to come back on the market for trade and other... so now they received all their money back (billions if not trillions) and it goes back to their reserve and eventually putting all that value and other... , when ready, back into their dollar(dinar). they haven't yet obviously, but the reasons are clear to me, and they will do this or their country will fall apart ( too many people wont let this happen im almost sure of that) GOOO RVVV!

  35. jdog 1st September 2011 at 15:54 #

    --also to the ones who still think Dinar is a scam ( i think they all died out now cause of all the proof) but FYI i already confirmed that official banks are selling the same dinar i own, if that's not enough proof i don't know what is. it doesn't mean it "will" revalue because investing is speculating anyway but it proves its not a scam. but of course if you don't do your homework b4 investing in anything, people are out their to try to scam you...

  36. jdog 1st September 2011 at 15:58 #

    oh sorry , exactly DFI is (Development Fund for Iraq)

  37. IRENE 1st September 2011 at 16:02 #

    Yes it will RV soon...I read articles and listen the IQD team with great information! Be happy that you got into this investment, because i am! Investment long term that's how i look at it and we are close!

  38. Carmen Vargas 1st September 2011 at 19:47 #

    I trully believe that we are very close to seeing this RV. I am a new investor, over 1 yr., and very patient like most of you have been. I am constantly reading all the posting that alot of people are saying, and some sound honest and others sound like they are hopeing we all believe the information they are putting out there. I for one understand by what I have read, that until Iraq does not get all there duck in a role, the GOI, the CBI, the dinars valued, we will not see the RV. No one is going to invest in a country that is not stable and with a currency that has value, until that is established, we will just have to wait. I am sure that they are more anxious then we are to have stability and see the dinar have value.

  39. rennie 1st September 2011 at 20:11 #

    You are so right...I listen to Joey on IQDTEAM,she dead on the nail an Phoenix.

  40. Stew 1st September 2011 at 22:33 #

    Phoenix is a dinar pumper from way back. Before he pumped dinar he was involved in pumping penny stocks... may still be, just under a different name. In other words he's a professional con man.

  41. Stew 1st September 2011 at 22:41 #

    jdog... you are spreading pumper lies about the DFI. Yes the fund was set up... but it was not a savings account. The money was put in the fund and spent under the guidance of the Coalition Provisional Authority. There are audits available online that show the balance in the fund is about 12-15 billion.

    Anyone telling you the dinar will increase in value 100,000% is perpetrating a scam.

  42. bruce 9th September 2011 at 13:19 #

    hey Stew what do you think about Breitlings posts

  43. Stew 10th September 2011 at 16:38 #

    Breitling is a pumper/scammer. That or he just isn't very bright. Neither do you want to take advice from.
    Iraq has clearly announced their intention to redenominate and lop 3 zeros. It's clear as can be to anyone who understands currencies and redenominations exactly what is about to happen. These pumpers like Breitling are either ignorant about the subject, or they are intentionally lying to keep people buying and holding dinar.

  44. IRENE 12th September 2011 at 08:32 #

    Stew i would be careful of what you say, because Breitling is an invester he is not a pumper, he as nothing to gain and for you to make that comment is wrong...attacking people is wrong.

  45. Stew 12th September 2011 at 11:31 #

    Irene… Breitling and all the other pumpers are free to come out from their protected little worlds they exist in and debate in an open forum. The conversation on all dinar sites is controlled. They ban anyone with a dissenting opinion. Dinar Daddy removed all comments from his board because a few people tried to explain what was is being planned. They are scammers through and through.

    Look at this line from the latest redenomination article…
    “we are not the first country in the world to replace its currency, because many states have preceded us in this context, France and Turkey and others.”
    How many of these articles have to be written where they clearly and plainly state they are going to do just as Russia, Turkey and other ocountries have done with their currencies. Those countries lopped.

  46. Stew 12th September 2011 at 11:41 #

    Irene… Breitling was working with Medic about 2 or 3 years ago. Breitling and Medic claimed the RV was just around the corner. They also claimed they had gone to Bank of America and worked out a great cashout deal with the bank. There was supposedly a secret code that everyone would need to give to the bank to get the deal. Breitling and Medic were going to supply this secret code to all their faithful followers. Well… of course there was no promised RV and there was no deal and secret code with BofA. It was all just a pump to get people excited about dinar. You can claim he’s simply an investor. I say his actions are that of a scammer, scum of the earth.

  47. IRENE 12th September 2011 at 11:44 #

    Be wise to choose your words wisely...they have nothing to gain? Just like you? What are they scamming? I bought into this investment and if i want to i can cash it in? What are they scamming? THEY HAVE NOTHING TO GAIN? Just information and that's all! IT'S YOUR CHOICE WHEATHER YOU WANT TO READ IT OR NOT! Do not lable them.

  48. Stew 12th September 2011 at 12:57 #

    It's not just information Irene. Almost everything they say is a twisted lie to promote the dinar.If it was simply information they would have no problem with a person like myself posting "information" on their sites. They don't allow it because it hurts their bottom line.
    The scam is they take something worth $850 and sell it to you for $1000 or more. There is ZERO, NONE, NADA, NO chance what so ever that the dinar RVs like they are claiming it will. That is the epitome of a scam, make up lies about a product and sell it for an inflated price.

  49. Stew 12th September 2011 at 13:07 #

    This is what is about to happen Irene. Iraq will probably announce and commence with the redenomination early 2012. The best outcome for dinar holders at that time will be that the same scammers who sold it to you will buy it back. The best rate you will probably get is about $700 per million. From there the possible outcomes only get worse. Iraq may give a short exchange period, they may also try to block all currency from reentering the country for exchange. Per Iraqi law these large quantities of cash were never supposed to leave the country. If Iraq does those things the dealers will probably give much less, maybe $300 or $400 per million to take a chance that they can get the dinar back into Iraq. They may decide the risk is not worth it and refuse to buy back the dinar. You may lose 100% of your money.

  50. IRENE 12th September 2011 at 14:01 #

    You don't know, you are don't know? I know for a fact.. right now as I speak, i can trade in my dinar $900.00 can get back in dollars for a million dinar and thats a FACT! Yes Iraq has made lower denomins and when they bring them out they will co-exist with the 000 notes until they get the larger notes out of circlation and thats a FACT!