Iraqi Oil and Gas Recruiter Opens in Basra

Oil and gas companies now have another source for qualified Iraqi oil and gas workers. Al Sabah for Employment Services (SES), an Iraqi-owned company, now has a full time office in Basra with representatives in Baghdad and Kurdistan, all supported by a team of international recruiters.

SES is owned by Dr. Sabah Ali, a medical doctor from Basra who successfully grown his last recruiting agency to the 2nd largest in the United Kingdom. Returning to Iraq, his desire is to support his country by assisting oil and gas companies find the right candidates for their critical positions.

In doing so, his focus is on getting Iraqis back to work supporting this key sector. SES brings with it more than twenty-five years of experience in recruiting, and an in depth knowledge of the Iraqi labor market. More information can be found at

One Response to Iraqi Oil and Gas Recruiter Opens in Basra

  1. waleed 28th April 2011 at 01:03 #

    I wonder if such kind of companies will be another burden on Iraqis. But if the fees they request are less than the ones asked by Iraqi officials, it will be great, we will see.