Maliki Proposes Allawi for Top Arab League Post

Iraq’s State of Law Coalition, led by Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki, has reportedly proposed the head of the rival Iraqiya bloc, Iyad Allawi, to run for the position of  Secretary General of the Arab League following Amr Moussa’s resignation. Moussa will stand down in order to run for the presidency of Egypt.

The Iraqiya bloc welcomed the proposal, but said that it had not yet discussed Allawi’s nomination. Iraqiya members said naming Allawi as Arab League Secretary General is an honor for Iraqis.

Some political observers regard the development as positive for the political process in Iraq. Last week Allawi resigned as head of the National Council on Strategic Policies.

The Arab League is planning to hold its next summit in Baghdad in May.

(Sources: MENA, Al SumariaTV, UPI)

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