Danish Company Improves Security at Iraqi Ports

The general manager of the Iraqi ports company said on Wednesday that the company had completed a $5 million [6 billion Iraqi dinar] contract with a Danish firm to set up watchtowers in all ports to monitor the works and prevent irregularities.

Salah Khudair Abboud told AKnews that the technical staff of the Communications Engineering Department, in cooperation with the technical staff of the Umm Qasr port, has set up 36 surveillance cameras in Umm Qasr port to cover the northern sidewalks and ports entry and exit, and the project was completed after three months.

"The cameras that were installed are part of a series of agreements with the Danish side to develop the Iraqi ports," adding that "there will be a tower with a height of 50 meters at Umm Qasr port to monitor the work of ports in an accurate and professional way similar to that of the international ports."

"The Iraqi ports, after doubling their profits compared to the previous year, decided to develop its work and staff to achieve 'double profits' and began training the engineerings working in the ports".

Iraq has five ports in Basra province (550 km south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad): Umm Qasr port, Abu Fulus, Khor Zubair, Faw port, Khor Abdullah and al-Amaya oil port.

(Source: AKnews)

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