German Ambassador Announces Basra Investment Conference

Germany's Ambassador to Iraq, Karl George Christian, announced an investment conference in Basra to be held in mid-April, and said that German companies are keen to establish a presence in the southern Iraqi province in the fields of construction, oil and manufacturing.

At the head of Basra provincial council, Jabbar Amin Jaber, told AKnews that the Iraqi market and investment arena is in need of German products and services.

“The Iraqi government agreed with the German delegation on establishing free-markets in the province,” he said.

Basra Governor Nizar al-Jabiri told AKnews that the German ambassador’s visit to Basra paved the way for greater cooperation between the two sides.

“The foundations were laid to begin investment projects between Basra and Germany in industrial manufacturing and the construction of dams and bridges”.

Mr Christian told reporters that Sunday’s visit to Basra was his first since he took up the post.

“15 companies specialized in construction, oil and manufacturing industries will come to the province and identify the areas that need working on in the province,” he said.

“The security situation in the province is safe and very stable and this is what will attract the German investors to the province.”

(Source: AKnews)

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