New MRC Tenders

Midland Refineries Co announces new tenders for purchasing the materials as stated below:

* 23 items of  Spare part for turbine type 353 T  Req. No : 1165/2011

* 5 items of Burner soot blower , condenser and ejectors  Req. No: 1202/2011

*12 items of Spare parts for extra action pump  Req. No: 1194/2011

*18 items of Spare parts  for pump  Req. No : 1234/2011

* 15 items of safety equipment  Req.No: 1162/2011

*2 items of Spares for Peabody Steam atomizing oil burners  Req. No: 1110/2011

All companies that participate in the above tenders shall submit the requested samples within month from the closing date (8/5/2011) otherwise the offers should be neglected.

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