Adulterated Tea Seized by Iraqi Customs

The Customs Directorate of the Iraqi Finance Ministry announced that 11 vehicles were seized carrying 200 tons of tea mixed with wood shavings and sticks imported by an Iraqi trader through the Traibil [Tirbil, Tarbiel] border crossing (pictured).

The Director-General of the Customs Directorate Nawfal Khalil told AKnews that the Directorate has opened an investigation into the shipment.

"The Customs Directorate is performing its duties according to the law and following up all materials entering the country that do not fit with the general specifications that qualify them for consumption," he said.

In June, the Iraqi government called for direct supervision of the country’s land, air and sea border ports, stressing on the importance of a centralized administration managed exclusively by the Finance Ministry.

The Iraqi government announced a plan in November to consolidate the management of border crossings and oversee their work through the formation of a central committee.

(Source: AKnews)

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