Iraq to Import 3.25m tons of Wheat

The Grain Board of Iraq said that Iraq intends to purchase 3.25 million tons of wheat this year, up from to 1,9 million tons last year.

The company said that part of the wheat will be used to enhance its strategic stockpile.

Hasan Ibrahim said that the 3.25 million tons of wheat will cover the need of this year and one million tons will be used as strategic reserve.

Ibrahim said that Iraq also intend to purchase 1.5 million tons of rice.

The biggest portion of the imported wheat and rice used to support the ration card system, under which Iraq consumes 4.5 million tons of wheat and 1.2 million tons of rice annually.

Ibrahim said that the wheat harvest season will begin in south Iraq in days and it is expected that this year's crop of wheat will be 2 million tons.


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