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Abadi Removes Grain Board Officials

By Simon Kent. Nine senior officials at Iraq's Grain Board have been relieved of their jobs, although no details of the dismissals have been reported. The Grain Board has a critical responsibility for procuring grain imports, strategically vital for feeding a country with a growing population and an agricultural sector threatened by acute drought. The […]

Australian Wheat Lowest in Iraq Tender

By John Lee. Australian wheat was reported to be offered at the lowest price, in a tender for at least 50,000 tonnes of hard wheat for the Iraqi Grain Board. The tender closed on Sunday and offers must remain valid up to Thursday, according to Reuters. Australian wheat: 50,000 tonnes at $231.70 a tonne c&f free […]

Wheat Prices Surge on Iraq Purchases

Wheat prices surged on Wednesday after Iraq said it bought 400,000 metric tons from the U.S., Australia, Russia, Romania and Kazakhstan. The contracts are for delivery in July and August, a spokesman for the grain board told Bloomberg. (Sources: Bloomberg, Reuters)

Iraq Buys 300,000 Tons Canadian Wheat

Dow Jones reports that the Iraqi Grain Board bought 300,000 metric tons of Canadian wheat from a tender which closed on 13th March 13. The head of the board, Hassan Ismail Ibrahim, told the agency that: 100,000 tons were bought from Jordan-registered Jresat at $361/ton cost and freight; 100,000 tons from Glencore International at $356/ton […]

Iraq Increases Local Purchases of Rice

Iraq’s trade ministry bought 35 percent more rice from local producers in the last season, compared with the previous one, reports Bloomberg. Hassan Ibrahim, director general of Iraq’s Grain Board, told the agency that the ministry purchased 112,000 metric tons of rice from local producers at a price of 750,000 dinars ($643.78) a ton in […]

Iraq’s Rice Harvest Drops to About 100,000 tons

Azzaman reports that Iraqi rice yields have dropped to 108,000 tons from an average 200,000 tons it used to produce annually, increasing the country’s reliance on imports. Iraq is estimated to have imported more than 1.5 million tons of rice last year. The country’s Grain Board said the year’s rice produce has already been shipped […]

Iraq Buys 400,000 Tons of Wheat

Bloomberg reports that Iraq bought 400,000 metric tons of wheat from Russia, Australia and Canada. The amounts were: 150,000 tons from Canada; 150,000 tons from Russia; and, 100,000 tons from Australia, Hassan Ismail Ibrahim, director general of the Grain Board, told Bloomberg by telephone. The deadline for the tender expired on 4th December. Iraq plans […]

Iraq Purchases 120,000 Tons of Rice

Iraq bought 120,000 metric tons of rice from India and Pakistan, reports BusinessWeek. The total amount consisted of 90,000 tons of the grain from Pakistan and 30,000 tons from India, said Hassan Ismail Ibrahim, director general of Iraq's Grain Board. Iraq consumes 1.25 million tons of rice a year, mostly imported, according to Ibrahim. The […]

Iraq Plans to Become a Grain Exporter

Iraq’s wheat production will total 1.8 million metric tons this year, and the country is expected to become an exporter of the grain by 2015, Deputy Agriculture Minister, Ghazi al-Abudi, said at a press conference in Baghdad. Bloomberg reports the minister as saying that otput is on course to reach 2.25 million to 2.5 million […]

Iraq to Import 3.25m tons of Wheat

The Grain Board of Iraq said that Iraq intends to purchase 3.25 million tons of wheat this year, up from to 1,9 million tons last year. The company said that part of the wheat will be used to enhance its strategic stockpile. Hasan Ibrahim said that the 3.25 million tons of wheat will cover the […]

Grain Board of Iraq Tenders for Rice

The Grain Board of Iraq (Ministry of Trade) has announced a tender for the supply of 30,000 tonnes of rice. The deadline for bids is 10:00 am Baghdad time on 11th April. Please click here to download more information.

Iraq Seeks Foreign Investment in Agriculture

Iraq is looking for foreign investment in its agriculture sector to help the country become self-sufficient in grain production by 2014, according to a report from Bloomberg. “We are offering incentives for farmers to speed up the process and we welcome foreign investors,” Agriculture Minister Ezzeddin al-Dawla [Izzuldin al-Doula] told reporters in Baghdad. Iraq wants […]